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About the game

The demand for a challenging and entertaining Grand Prix Management Simulation is still burning across internet forums despite several large games Publishers producing reasonable attempts at 'the ultimate' Grand Prix Management Sims.

To everyone who has contributed to date on our web site we thank you all, and we will endeavour to continue to support the Forum and the fan base of GPRM beyond game release. Please continue to post your queries and questions and we will comment as quickly as possible.

GPRM Video
Written by Alex Hall   

Video created by Jops.

The Start of a New Season....
Written by Administrator   
Latest Update
Written by Dave Wortley   
Stu is working hard on the game as ever, we've decided to update parts of the game to include some new/different rule options to make the game more interesting over a few seasons. This is the only thing we feel needs to be added into this current release. We're having a few issues because of different amounts of tyres and types of tyres required in different rules.

Once we've debugged this stage of the game we shall be launching our BETA test. This is a closed-test for a select team of testers who have been loyal to the project and have contributed in some way over the years. The BETA version of the game is not for sale, it should be almost the finished product. Once the game has been tested for a few weeks and we've got rid of as many of the bugs as we can we shall release it online for a reasonable price and you shall be able to download it and play.

In the meantime we shall be running competitions and promotions to give people the chance to win BETA test keys.

Stay tuned for the next competition coming at the end of this week!
GPRM on Social Media
Written by Dave Wortley   

As the impending release draws ever nearer so our marketing strategy starts to grow to spread the word about GPRM. You'll find us on a number of social-media sites. Join us and invite all your Motor-racing fans to join up and keep up-to-date with the latest news and exclusive content.  If you're on any other Forum, post up some links, lets see how many fans we can get before release!


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GPRM Youtube Channel, Exclusive videos from in game.

Design on a budget
Written by John Terry   

You have come in for the odd bit of criticism, your car doesn’t seem to be one of the quickest. You may not be the best funded team on the grid but more progress was expected by the Big Guy upstairs.

You look at the race calendar and see the few races require lower downforce and plenty of welly from your power plant.  It is that point in the season where contracts are up for grabs and you have planned your entire season around this phase where you are looking to grab the headlines to increase your profile and command the best sponsorship renewal deals and maybe jump up a league in your personnel line up.

Few, if anybody, are taking much notice of your team - that’s OK you’re used to it. You start to gingerly talk up your prospects to the few journalists you do encounter at your Press conference.  The journos are courteous enough but you can tell they don’t quite believe you when you talk about the potential of a top 5 grid slot and a strong race, indeed they smile rather sceptically as they turn their attentions rapidly towards the arriving big names at the other end of the pit lane.

But still as you sip your coffee on Friday morning you are unshakable in your belief. The reason is, of course, very simple - you have waited for these races all year, your whole season to date has been nothing more than a for this moment.  For what seems like an eternity ago you instructed the Design team to spend your limited budget to focus the car’s strength around these 5 weeks of competition that would see your team rise like the phoenix.

You are a small team, the idea you could design a fantastic all round car while not impossible is indeed unlikely. Your staff and management team are a bright young bunch aspiring for greater things and using you as a stepping stone for the big time.  In the upper echelons of Grand Prix motorsport money talks and you are pretty non-talkative. This doesn’t mean of course you can’t find a way round that to have your day in the sun.

By designing a car that is specifically tailored to extreme low downforce and at the same time striking a deal for an engine with great top end grunt you know your car is going to suit the next few circuits and you really think your package of man and machine will be unbeatable, heck no!! you know it. Of course you struggled on tight slow speed street circuits but it wasn’t because your car was a dog it just simply wasn’t designed for that.

By Friday night people in the paddock talking about nothing but your practice pace, both driver in the top 5! Is it genuine, are you running the car on fumes? Other Technical directors shrug off the sudden pace by the new boys formerly at the back of the pack. 

You meet up with your team principle as you leave the circuit, you exchange a knowing glance, he’s not an unreasonable man but he has asked you to deliver one podium, one moment of glory at this critical point in the season to bring in those backers from the far east who are looking to do a deal and make your bosses investment feel more worthwhile. You sleep easy on Friday ready for qualifying and the race to come.  You do so in the knowledge you finally have the car to make your boss’ dream come true….all you need to do now is safely negotiate the usual pitfalls and make it happen, you know more than anyone – THIS IS YOUR MOMENT.

A simple design choice - Geometry
Written by John Terry   

It’s Friday testing on Race weekend, your team has the best car by what seems like an unbeatable margin; you have had astonishing reliability and consecutive double podiums for each of the first five races. It may be early in the season but the title already looks like it’s yours to lose, your challenge comes from a different team in each race so no one team is amassing a the points and your lead grows from race to race.  But you notice the gap falling slowly from race to race.  No worries you had a new aero package up your sleeve for the next race – that will get it all back.

First practice and you’re expecting to be near the top of the time sheets, you have a new aero package which shows a further leap forward at the wind tunnel and on your computer sims.  Your rivals will have moved on too but they can’t have jumped you given that gap.  The team is in buoyant mood.   The cars roll out of the garage and you watch the timing screens BUT the initial runs show a deficit to all the nearest challengers. An expected 0.4 second advantage is actually showing a half second deficit.  It must be the set up needs dialing in.

The Race Engineers move the settings one way then the other but the times get worse no matter what you do.  Then suddenly the reality hits…. you’ve gone from being a team clearly punching miles above its weight to midfield has-beens for no apparent reason. The cars return down the pit lane from the final timed run of the day and you are desperate to find out exactly what your drivers have to say.  Please tell me they were just taking it easy and bedding in the new parts you think. The helmets are  removed and they do not look happy at all.  Harsh exchanges between the drivers and the engineers are followed by rather sprightly disappearances back to the motor home. You grab your engineer as he heads to the back of the garage he looks at you then shakes his head but no words are needed – you are in trouble.  You call a team meeting… “The performance has gone” one says, “the car is just not under him.” Says another. “How can this be?” demands the Chief Mechanic.  The engineer looks at the sky and notices the clouds, “Hang on it’s a cold day, colder than all previous races in fact and suddenly it clicks, there’s no temperature on the tyres, the cars can’t generate enough heat into their tyres, it’s not the car that’s changed it’s the weather!

Well you may have solved the riddle. But it is impossible to escape the reality dawning that your car was designed, inadvertently perhaps, to fundamentally excel in the heat.  All the other teams were struggling with much greater tyre degradation causing huge drop offs on long runs.  Your consistency on the long runs in the heat of the first 5 venues was down entirely to your choice of design way back last April during the new car strategy kick off meetings.  You deliberately chose suspension geometry set ups that would counter that horrific rear tyre wear issue you were having on that year’s car but it is clear you have taken the kinder set up to an extreme non of the other teams thought were necessary under the new rules.  You were the only team to go that way because everyone else felt the much lower downforce from the new regulations would mean a much harder set up was required to get a bit more mechanical grip through the tyres.

What turned out to be a master stroke at the start of the season may now begin to bite your backside.  All the other teams are now generating far less tyre wear and having smoother longer runs.  Now we get to cooler ambient temperatures and you can’t get decent temperatures and consistent tyre pressures have disappeared into the Fly-Away races sunsets.

It seemed a decent idea at the time.  Your attempts to design a chassis going easier on tyres should have given you more strategic options across the board.  You are now stuck with a car at the extreme of the performance curve with little option to modify to compensate.  Whereas everyone else has got to grips with the new technological needs and being closer to the centre of the performance T-Junction, they have far more adaptability to close the gap in the heat but leaving you dreadfully low on options in medium or low heat conditions.  You qualify in the mid-field in the dry and worse follows on race day when you don’t even make the points in the wet.

Your tyres rarely make it into their operating window throughout a cool and miserable European Summer.  Your ability to close out the championship is hampered by an inability to design back in some heat capacity towards the rubber and you blow your budget trying to force the car into a direction it simply can not go.  By the end of Europe, your lead has disappeared and in the heat the others have overtaken you.

The title which had previously seemed in the bag disappeared to the Engineering heartland of Northern Italy along with your star driver and the engineers that had so brilliantly executed your strategy disappeared from one side of Northamptonshire to the other then far afield places such as leafy Surrey and Oxon.

A simple design choice brings your first title chance to your doorstep then becomes the Achilles heel wrecking your hopes of dining with the silver platter and spraying that sweet apple juice.  Can you minimise the damage and develop the car through the season to overcome this flaw or will your title bid crumble…you find out in GPRM.


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